The idea was born out of the need to increase awareness and concern for the environment around us while at the same time bringing art and beauty closer to You. We’re a passionate and forward-thinking team, who expertise in corrugated board items, designer objects and everyday usage products. Our mission is to bring creative artifacts & eco-friendly solutions into our customer’s lives, by using the latest trends and technology in the market. Our product palette is very versatile and it’s continually expanding with locally made designer items from brands such as : Ondul, Dubzz, Linum, Wolamp.
The delivery fee is free of charge above 60 ron orders, otherwise it’s 15 ron. For eco-friendly reasons in case of multiple product orders the tutistore.ro will deliver the products grouped. On delivery day the client will be called about the time intervals of the arrival and the delivery will be realized as soon as possible. These delivery terms are available only in Cluj Napoca.
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  • Str. Campina Nr. 62
  • Cluj-Napoca