Selected Bags
Hey, Everybody. My name is Hajnal Antal and I established my company, Selected Bags in 2013 aiming to create environment friendly accessories in order to propagate environmental awareness and the protection of the environment. I chose as raw material for my quality hand-made bags recyclable paper, which is made durable and waterproof by special methods. Whoever buys a Selected Bags product acquires a unique bag with glittering, vivid colors and varied patterns, which is sure to put the user in the center of attention on every occasion. In my latest collection, I combine paper and leather in a unique manner conferring to my personalizable bags a new form compared to my previous collection and as such I take my individual style to a whole new level by “interweaving” different materials.
  • Antal Hajnal
  • Loc. Corunca, nr. 397/G9/6
  • Targu Mures