Levendulás by Vilma néni
Pure, organic herbs and their healthy- and artifacts from Transylvania, planted, grown and processed with love and care. Our brand is built on both herbalist-based and intuitive approach to a healthy life in harmony with our inner selves and nature. The Healing Kitchen is at a distance of an arm from each of us, thus Levendulás helps in fulfilling it and provides the usage of each herb, spice, soap, ointment, balm or salve one should ever need for body, mind and soul. Each basic material we use in our products is harmless for the environment, treated and processed with non-violence, but love.
Delivery: personal, once a week in Cluj or by post upon extra fee.
  • Krisztina Pásztor
  • levendulas.levendulas@gmail.com
  • Căpușu Mare 103.
  • Cluj county