Calabalâc is a small atelier of repurposed objects and furniture. The project started from the idea to use our resources as efficiently as we can. There is a movement in the western design world, where designers go to so called third world countries to learn from people who live there how to bring out the most of what they have. Luckily enough, we live in Romania where this mindset is not unfamiliar, so we don't have to go anywhere, we just have to learn to apply it wisely. We collect all sorts of interior objects, small furniture, plates, glasses, wases from trash, clean and renovate them. Recently we started experimenting with textiles and fabrics too. T-shirts are very significant conveyors of messages. Nowadays we can find T-shirts with strong messages in the fast fashion stores too. It was from this source where we took our idea of creating such clothes which can mirror our slightly provoking and funny ideas. We are strong believers that the objects we surround ourselves with shape us. This project is a good opportunity to show something about the East European feeling in images that we cannot always say with words. We took the advantages of the epidemic period to accomplish this.
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