Hand-crafted jewellery and accessories Welcome to the world of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewellery and accessories! Each piece was lovingly created using natural treasures (such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc.) and resin. Each piece of jewellery I make is unique, as is every element of nature captured within. When I’m creating my items, I leave a part of myself in them: my imagination, creativity, passion, love and a little piece of my soul. When you are buying one of my creations, you yourself are reflected in that purchase. Whether it’s the colour, the shape, the size or just the mood you happen to be in at that moment. None of my pieces are replicated. Most of my items are created for ladies (jewellery and other accessories), but I do enjoy to design items for gentlemen, for ex.: cufflinks, tie clips or bracelets. I also really enjoy making truly personalised items, created, for example, from bridal bouquets. I invite you to visit my shop and fall in love with one or all of my unique creations. Give the gift of nature to that special someone or treat yourself with a special accessory.
In order to reduce my environmental footprint the Delirium pieces are packed in an eco friendly, reusable organza bag that is light, elegant and see-through.
  • Katalin Nagy
  • Str. Kossuth Lajos, nr.5
  • Gheorgheni

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