Tutistore is an online place, established in 2018, based in the very heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. 

Our mission is to bring creative artifacts & eco-friendly solutions into our customer’s lives, by using the latest trends and technology in the market.  One of our goals is to create everyday usage products and designer objects from recyclable, organic and bio-degradable materials, in order to reduce the negative effects of our footprint in the eco-system.


Bálint Krisztián
Dubzz was created for those who are keen on learning to jam but are looking for a cheaper version of wood cajóns. This instrument is a lightweight and transportable version of the original cajón. Read more…
Andrea Márton
Linum was born out of the ideas of a young designer, whose intention was to create something different, using basic natural materials. To give the wall ornaments and collar parts their unique look, she is using the mosaic puzzle technique. Read more...
Jakab Szabolcs
Ondul is the result of our versatile and talented team’s aim to make something practical, eco-friendly, ultra aesthetic out of corrugated cardboard. This brand is all about everyday usage items and furniture with a catchy & effortless design. Read more...
Kovács Zsolt
Wolamp is where traditional meets organic. It is an alternative choice for those who want to decorate their living space with a unique lamp. They are small-manufactured, high-quality, eco-friendly and durable. Thanks to the multi-layered wood structure, these lamps are lightweight. Read more...